Seller: Heather Duncan
State: Arkansas
City: Fayetteville
Zip code: 28301
Type: Animals

These puppies have an amazing story their mom has made a very rough journey.
Their mom is a jack russel terrier / daschsund whos owner abandoned her after moving homes. Their neighbors contacted us after realizing this had happened and that she was  pregnant. We took her in immediately and determined she was 2 weeks pregnant. We have found her an adoptie who is taking her free once the puppies are 6 weeks old.
They are now just over 2 weeks old. They will need homes in 3-4 weeks.We are trying to ensure they will have homes at that point. I am asking 75$ a pup to cover caring for their mom for 3 months and them for 6 weeks. They will have had their 1st dewormer. She orginally had 6 pups. We are keeping 1 and have found found 1 a home. We still have 2 females and 2 males.
my contact number is 361-852-
the first picture has the 2 males on the LEFT & the 2 females on the RIGHT: